Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Pimps Guns, Gun Groups, Gun Violence

School Shootings
are Good Business
for Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

With each school shooting, new groups are created on Facebook (and groups generate revenue for Mark Zuckerberg and his investors)... groups for and against guns.

Arguably, people who love their guns are entitled to free speech... to having their groups.  

But why is Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook placing ads for guns and gun groups on the news feed pages of parents of children who've been through a school shooting.  What kind of psychopathic need is Mark Zuckerberg fulfilling for himself?  Clearly Mark Zuckerberg is incapable of empathy.  Worse... he imagines some sort of profit... some stack of money to appear in his hands from the grief, sorrow, and loss of others.

Mark Zuckerberg
Profit from Children's Blood

Although gun groups on Facebook are theoretically banned from selling weaponry, the truth is....  And the surreptitious sale of assault weapons on Facebook is profitable for Mark Zuckerberg.

New gun groups form on Facebook rather frequently.  Why does Facebook spotlight gun groups and give them free advertising on the news feed page?  There must be a dollar in it for Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook promotes, Pimps, what seems like an infinite number of gun groups (perhaps some the creation of Russian Intelligence Services)

But Mark Zuckerberg
is not a warrior... no.
Mark Zuckerberg is a coward
who hides behind
(according to a reliable source)
$16 Million in Armed Guards
(paid for by Facebook,
so perhaps a federal tax violation
if Zuckerberg is not including
armed guards as a company benefit).

Is it time for San Mateo County, California,
to indict Mark Zuckerberg
for inciting violence?

Is it time for Menlo Park, California,
to disarm Zuckerberg's personal storm troopers?

Mark Zuckerberg profits from guns... 
makes a dollar from from school shootings.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg... to be Indicted by Mueller?

Greed is so much fun!
Mark Zuckerberg
made a bundle of Rubles
from the Russians
as they fouled 
the 2016 Presidential Election.

When the Russians bought Facebook ads
to sow conflict and discord in America,
Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook
were paid in Russian Rubles.

It is disingenuous for Mark Zuckerberg
and other Facebook execuatives
to claim that they were perpetually fooled.

Prosecutorial Theory: 
Early on in the presidential campaign, someone at Facebook noticed that the Russians were buying ads and forming groups and pages... and that someone went to a superior in the Facebook bureaucracy... and that superior went to the person at the next level up the chain of Facebook command.  Eventually, someone went to Mark Zuckerberg and told him that big sums of money were coming in from what was suspected to be a Russian Intelligence Service operation.  Mark Zuckerberg knowingly decided to keep the revenue from Russian Intelligence, from Vladimir Putin, to keep that money (in Rubles) flowing into his profit margin.

Mark Zuckerberg was NOT fooled by the Russians.  He knew precisely what they were doing.  Mark Zuckerberg gleefully took the money, because he is greedy, because he is unprincipled, amoral, and he does not care about democracy or America.

 A front page New York Times story
(Sunday, February 18, 2018)
makes it abundantly clear:
Mark Zuckerberg
(and others at Facebook)
are not-yet-indicted co-conspirators
in the subversion of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Indict Mark Zuckerberg

At Bedrock: Mark Zuckerberg knew
(or should have known)
that Russian Intelligence Agents
Were Buying Political Ads.
Mark Zuckerberg's Greed
Overcame any Conscience
He Might Posess.

Bring Mark Zuckerberg
to Trial 
for Criminal Conspiracy...
for Racketeering.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Congressman Dan Newhouse: Gun Whore

Congressman Dan Newhouse
is a Gun Whore
Bought and Owned
by the National Rifle Association
for only
a Four Grand
Campaign Contribution.

Congressman Dan Newhouse,
represents Moses Lake, Washington,
where Barry Loukaitis
shot three students and a teacher
(killing two students
and the teacher)
at Frontier Jr. High
on Groundhog Day 1996.
Dan Newhouse doesn't care
about school safety.

Dan Newhouse
believes the 2nd Amendment
allows for (AR-15) massacres
in our schools,
because, after all,
he gets money
from the gun lobby.

Vote Dan Newhouse 
out of office!