Thursday, February 22, 2018

Congressman Dan Newhouse: Gun Whore

Congressman Dan Newhouse
is a Gun Whore
Bought and Owned
by the National Rifle Association
for only
a Four Grand
Campaign Contribution.

Congressman Dan Newhouse,
represents Moses Lake, Washington,
where Barry Loukaitis
shot three students and a teacher
(killing two students
and the teacher)
at Frontier Jr. High
on Groundhog Day 1996.
Dan Newhouse doesn't care
about school safety.

Dan Newhouse
believes the 2nd Amendment
allows for (AR-15) massacres
in our schools,
because, after all,
he gets money
from the gun lobby.

Vote Dan Newhouse 
out of office!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

AMERICANA WEST by Red Shuttleworth

An Abandoned Farm, Cimarron County, Oklahoma, 1936
Photo by Arthur Rothstein
Library of Congress, Public Domain

Americana West

Short Plays and Monologues

Red Shuttleworth

Americana West is a century of Red Shuttleworth theatre pieces (an exploratory string of a hundred short plays and monologues) set in seventeen Western states, 1900-1999, each one in a different locale.  

Each Red Shuttleworth play and monologue in the Americana West series will be published, as each is ready, as a limited edition chapbook by Bunchgrass Press... and mailed primarily to theatre people.

The first American West chapbook is 1900: Daykin, Nebraska

The Table of Contents for the Americana West series of chapbooks by Red Shuttleworth:

1900: Daykin, Nebraska
1901: Volin, South Dakota
1902: Portales, New Mexico Territory
1903: Cawker City, Kansas
1904: Tyrone, Oklahoma Territory
1905: Goldfield, Nevada
1906: Branchville, Texas
1907: Idalia, Colorado
1908: Wallace, Idaho
1909: Homer, California
1910: Larson, North Dakota
1911: Sidney, Montana
1912: Parker, Arizona
1913: Brogan, Oregon
1914: Lusk, Wyoming
1915: Frisco, Utah
1916: Chesaw, Washington
1917: Fairbury, Nebraska
1918: Tolstoy, South Dakota
1919: Tinnie, New Mexico
1920: Nicodemus, Kansas
1921: Forgan, Oklahoma
1922: Winnemucca, Nevada
1923: Fort Stockton, Texas
1924: Como, Colorado
1925: Quartzburg, Idaho
1926: Termo, California
1927: Marmarth, North Dakota
1928: Plevna, Montana
1929: Cherry, Arizona
1930: Long Creek, Oregon
1931: Red Desert, Wyoming
1932: Modena, Utah
1933: Elberton, Washington
1934: Rulo, Nebraska
1935: Strool, South Dakota
1936: Carrizoza, New Mexico
1937: Hoxie, Kansas
1938: Hominy, Oklahoma
1939: Palisade, Nevada
1940: Bryan, Texas
1941: Sunbeam, Colorado
1942: Boise, Idaho
1943: Kief, North Dakota
1944: San Francisco, California
1945: Glentana, Montana
1946: Springerville, Arizona
1947: Wagontire, Oregon
1948: Hulett, Wyoming
1949: Garrison, Utah
1950: Adrian, Washington
1951: Lincoln, Nebraska
1952: Blunt, South Dakota
1953: Socorro, New Mexico
1954: Ulysses, Kansas
1955: Vici, Oklahoma
1956: Ely, Nevada
1957: Weatherford, Texas
1958: Sterling, Colorado
1959: Bruneau, Idaho
1960: Trinidad, California
1961: Beach, North Dakota
1962: St. Regis, Montana
1963: Prescott, Arizona
1964: Burns, Oregon
1965: Thermopolis, Wyoming
1966: Wheeler, Washington
1967: Wendover, Utah
1968: Cozad, Nebraska
1969: Gregory, South Dakota
1970: Wagon Mound, New Mexico
1971: Liberal, Kansas
1972: Hobart, Oklahoma
1973: Gerlach, Nevada
1974: Plainview, Texas
1975: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
1976: Rattlesnake Station, Idaho
1977: Devils Den, California
1978: Gascoyne, North Dakota
1979: Missoula, Montana
1980: Kingman, Arizona
1981: Mt. Vernon, Oregon
1982: Rawlins, Wyoming
1983: Vernal, Utah
1984: Washtucna, Washington
1985: Winside, Nebraska
1986: Vermillion, South Dakota
1987: Raton, New Mexico
1988: St. Francis, Kansas
1989: Laverne, Oklahoma
1990: Alamo, Nevada
1991: Claude, Texas
1992: Two Buttes, Colorado
1993: Buhl, Idaho
1994: Shoshone, California
1995: Napoleon, North Dakota
1996: Rapelje, Montana
1997: Hackberry, Arizona
1998: Prairie City, Oregon
1999: Coulee City, Washington

Red Shuttleworth

Playwright and poet, Red Shuttleworth received a 2017 Tanne Foundation Award.  His Woe to the Land Shadowing (Blue Horse Press) won the 2016 Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Poetry Book.  A three-time winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Poetry, Shuttleworth was named "Best Living Western Poet" in 2007 by True West magazine.  His plays have been presented widely, including at State University of New York at Fredonia, Saddleback College, Sundance Playwrights Lab, and the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival.  Shuttleworth's most recent books are Straight Ahead: Poems (Blue Horse Press) and Rumors and Borders: Eight Western Plays (Humanitas Media Publishing).

Monday, January 1, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg: Swine of the Decade

Mark Zuckerberg

Swine of the Decade

Lover of Russian Money

* For a few dollars more, Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg, sold ads to Russia's security/intelligence agencies.  Caught red-handed warping and twisting American democracy, Zuckerberg and his tools claimed they were taken... fooled by the Russians.  Not true
Zuckerberg should be indicted for conspiring
with the Russians to foul the 2016 election.

* When the United States Congress, the House of Representatives, asked for answers about Facebook and the Russians, Mark Zuckerberg, a coward, hid behind lawyers.

* Facebook is a communications company and ought to be regulated by Congress.

* Facebook is a for-profit company and should pay its fair taxes. Zuckerberg should be audited by the Internal Revenue Service.  The Department of Justice should prosecute Mark Zuckerberg for tax evasion.

* Apparently those closest to Mark Zuckerberg, like his neighbors, despise him for his thoughtlessness, his arrogance, his selfishness.
His Hawaiian neighbors have been angered by the wall Zuckerberg built around his absurd home.  In Palo Alto, California, Zuckerberg allegedly destroyed a neighborhood by buying and bulldozing four homes just to get himself even more insulation.  

* Given that the Facebook news feed is now blotched with ads for "Suggested...." with videos that are criminally inane, it is clear that Mark Zuckerberg is the kind of asshole who loves to fart with dramatic volume because he thinks he is funny or clever.

* You can bet that Mark Zuckerberg has foul breath... something like burnt aluminum-butterscotch.

*  One man, a San Francisco accountant, has reportedly been jailed for nearly a year for yelling at billionaire-bully Mark Zuckerberg's thuggish bodyguards.  Neighbors in three places apparently find Mark Zuckerberg to be foul... a pig.

*  Hardly a month goes by that Mark Zuckerberg and/or his Facebook toadies find new ways to clutter the news feed with ads and social engineering.

* Mark Zuckerberg is the sort of neighborhood creep who shows up uninvited at parties, who paws family albums, who wanks in closets.

*  The same Mark Zuckerberg who sold out a presidential election, who did it for Russian rubles, is the same Mark Zuckerberg who is now promoting a site for the most dangerous dogs in America, Pit Bulls:
Does Mark Zuckerberg sit at home watching videos of Pit Bulls gnawing on human rib cages, of Pit Bulls mauling children, or Pit Bulls ripping forearms off elderly women?  My guess is that is precisely what Creepy Mark Zuckerberg does... and wanks and wanks and wanks as blood sprays.  Surely it's not just about more ad money... surely?

Monday, December 11, 2017

CHAPBOOK #169: A Red Shuttleworth Poetry Collection

Chapbook #169

Five Poems

Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth's Chapbook #169, published in a limited edition by Bunchgrass Press, presents five poems:

Fayette, North Dakota, 1926

Wayne County, Nebraska, 1987


The Price of Cheerful

Sound of One Hand

Red Shuttleworth, poet and playwright, is a 2017 Tanne Foundation Award Recipient.  He is a three-time recipient of Western Writers of America's Spur Award for Poetry and won the 2016 Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Poetry Book (Woe to the Land Shadowing, Blue Horse Press).   In 2007 True West magazine named Shuttleworth "Best Living Western Poet."

Shuttleworth's latest poetry collection is Straight Ahead (Blue Horse Press) and his new collection of short plays is Rumors and Borders (Humanitas Media Publishing).

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

JOE SPRINZ, A Red Shuttleworth One-Poem Chapbook

Joe Sprinz

A One-Poem Chapbook

Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth's Joe Sprinz is published by Bunchgrass Press in a limited (44 copies) edition.

Joe Sprinz played twenty-three years of professional baseball, including three partial Major League seasons with the Cleveland Indians and the St. Louis Cardinals.  A longtime catcher and then coach for the San Francisco Seals in the Pacific Coast League, Joe Sprinz bought a house in the Sunset District of San Francisco and later, after baseball, worked as in investigator of the San Francisco District Attorney.  Every Saturday for years, Sprinz held baseball workouts at the Triangle (backstop) at Big Rec in Golden Gate Park... attended by handfuls of his former Seals teammates.  Sprinz would let young boys, like me, shag balls in the outfield in exchange for a couple of batting practice swings.  When I first met Sprinz in the summer of 1957, I was working out in Keds.  Sprinz noticed, said for me take the N-Judah streetcar to his home... and he gave me my first pair of spikes... the last spikes he wore in pro ball.  Sprinz's spikes were way too big for me, so I stuffed the toes with wads of newspaper sheets... and wore them for a couple of years.

Joe Sprinz was famous for having caught a ball dropped from a blimp by Lefty O'Doul at the World's Fair in San Francisco.  The ball went right through the rawhide string web of Sprinz's catcher's glove, seriously injuring his mouth.  

A baseball fan favorite in San Francisco, a wonderful teammate for his fellow Seals, Joe Sprinz was honored by the Seals in 1940 with a Joe Sprinz Day.
Joe Sprinz Day

Red Shuttleworth is a 2017 Tanne Foundation Award Recipient.  His latest full length play, Tumbledown, received a complex stage reading this past March at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California.  Shuttleworth won the 2016 Western Heritage Wrangler Award for Outstanding Poetry Book for Woe to the Land Shadowing (Blue Horse Press)He is the recipient of three Western Writers of America Spur Awards for Poetry.  In 2007 True West magazine named Shuttleworth "Best Living Western Poet."

Red Shuttleworth, 1996,
Big Bend C.C. Vikings, Assistant Coach

For those who are San Francisco Seals fans, commemorative Seals caps and sweatshirts are available from Ebbets Field Flannels in Seattle.

PATOKA, A Terry Kinney Poetry Chapbook


A One-Poem Chapbook

Terry Kinney

Bunchgrass Press is proud to publish (in a limited edition) a one-poem chapbook by Terry Kinney, Patoka.

Terry Kinney

Terry Kinney is an actor and director.  He is co-founder of Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater, and also acts and directs films and television.  Kinney's poetry has appeared in a Bunchgrass Press chapbook anthology.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his daughter, Maeve, and his son, Carson.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

CLAIMANTS: A Red Shuttleworth Poetry Chapbook


Six Free Verse Monologues for Theatre

Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth's Claimants, published in a limited edition by Bunchgrass Press, offers six brief free verse monologues for actors:

Daniel Boone

Ivan Turgenev

Auguste Rodin

Stephen Crane

Leon Trotsky

Max "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom

Playwright and poet, Red Shuttleworth is a 2017 Tanne Foundation Award Recipient.  His latest play, Tumbledown, was developed and recently presented as an elaborate stage reading by Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. Red is a Western Heritage Award for Poetry winner and has also won the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Poetry three times.  

   Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth has two books published in 2017: Rumors and Borders: Eight Western Plays (Humanitas Media Publishing) and Straight Ahead: Poems (Blue Horse Press).  Both books are available on Amazon.